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Brazilian sciences and government funding at the State of Sao Paulo
Pereira JCR, Escuder MML, Zanetta DMT
43: (2) 177-188 OCT 1998

The State of Sao Paulo plays an important role in national research activities. The Foundation for the Support of Research of Sao Paulo State (FAPESP) is commissioned to manage funds for these activities. The profile of Brazilian sciences is investigated and contrasted to FAPESP's investments.

ISI date relative to years 1981 to 1995 are analysed through multivariate methods (Factor and Cluster Analysis) as to provide weighted ranks of research fields, relationships among them as geometric distances, and group classification. This information is compared to public reports an FAPESP's expenditures.

Brazilian scientific production grows at 244 papers/year in the period, and its global share is almost doubled. impact shows no trend. Best performers are from exact and biological sciences. Though impact varies greatly among research fields, their major distinctive feature is magnitude of production. The six top research fields identified (Physics, Biology & Biochemistry, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Chemistry, Plant & Animal Sciences) were found to equally be the prime beneficiaries FAPESP's investments.

The Brazilian scenario is one of increasing production under an international pattern. This trend is not accompanied by changes in impact. As a corollary, volume of publications rises as an important issue. Public investments from Sao Paulo State adequately conform this scenario giving reassurance that resources are not being squandered.

Pereira JCR, Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol, Lab Epidemiol & Stat, Pca Com Manoel Melo Pimenta 12, BR-05451110 Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol, Lab Epidemiol & Stat, BR-05451110 Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Inst Hlth, Res Support Grp, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Sao Paulo Med Sch, Discipline Med Informat, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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