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Defining priorities for the management of health science and technology
Pereira JCR, Saes SG, Escuder MML
31: (6) 624-631 DEC 1997

Introduction An urgent need for the management of science and technology production in the health field has been recognised in Brazil since 1994, when the Federal Government called a National Conference on the subject. The present study presents a methodology for the identification of items of priority priority in planning such management.

Material and Method A survey was conducted in the research institutes belonging to the S. Paulo State Health Department among a sample of research professionals with a view to collecting data on two different scenarios: present and expected situation. Eighteen concepts, assembled in four different groups, were assessed is terms of an average percentage approval or disapproval, for each scenario. Consistency for the measurement of each of these groups was examined by the use of Cronbach's alpha coefficient and inconsistent concepts were disregarded in the analysis. The average percentage of approval/disapproval was further calculated as scenario co-ordinates for each concept and institute entering the study so that priority maps for concepts and institutes could be constructed.

Results Results suggest that the present situation meets with disapproval, though not strongly so, while a high degree of expectation is expressed with significant emphasis as regards research infrastructure management. The main priorities are given as: acknowledgement of performance, support for publication, resource allocation by research project and methodological advice for research analysis.

Conclusion It is concluded that the study methodology was helpful in eliciting management priorities and could be applied elsewhere with due adjustment of content regarding selection of concept and their grouping.

Author Keywords:
academies and institutes, research personnel, technology

Pereira JCR, Praca Com Manoel Melo Pimenta 12, BR-05451110 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol, Lab Epidemiol & Estatist, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Inst Pesquisa Secretaria Saude Estado Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Inst Saude Secretaria Saude Estado Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.


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